New brand which offers leather handbags with elegance and class

New Delhi: Want to impress your girlfriend or your mom? And even your wife is angry as you forgot her birthday, here is a chance to impress her with an International brand just a click away.



With a huge collection of leather bags, Antidote is the world's first fashion brand to bring you hand knitted leather crafts using luxe leather and fine leather yarns.



Antidote is a one stop shop for everything leather. The USP of the products are that they are handmade and originally designed which actually give a unique touch to the elegance of the bags.



The company offers the latest catalog of originally designed and handcrafted leather lifestyle products and accessories.



The dose of handmade leather is carefully crafted which may ensnare all your senses.


Giving very tough competition to the other completer in the market, the never before seen leather products that will surely leave you desiring for more.


Bags are beautifully embellished.


Each of the handbags is finished using specialised hand knitting techniques.


The delicate hand braiding and knitting of fine leather sliver is something that has been attempted for the first time in the history of leather fashions.


The concept of products is unique and creative.


The Antidote bags will realise you that a handmade product is more decent and valuable than commercial.

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