New app enables smartphones to understand gestures

New app enables smartphones to understand gestures

London: Scientists have developed a new app enabling users to operate their smartphone with gestures.




The app developed by Professor Otmar Hilliges and his staff at ETH expands the range of potential interactions with such devices and the gesture control significantly expands the range of smartphone functionality.


The app lets the smartphone understand gestures such as movement of your index finger to the left, or right or spreading out of your fingers, or imitate a pair of pliers or the firing of a pistol.


This gesturing wizardry is made possible by a new type of algorithm that uses the smartphone's built-in camera to register its environment and then executes the gesture command associated with the gesture it observes.


The program also recognizes the hand's distance from the camera and warns the user when the hand is either too close or too far away and currently recognizes six different gestures and executes their corresponding commands.


The researchers are convinced that this new way of operating smartphones greatly increases the range of interactivity. The researcher's objective is to keep the gestures as simple as possible, so that users can operate their smartphone effortlessly.

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