Must Watch: Why this woman’s husband made her a prostitute?

Must Watch: Why this woman’s husband made her a prostitute?

By: || Updated: 01 Jan 1970 12:00 AM
New Delhi: Have you ever heard of any man who turned his wife a prostitute?


Here is a story of a husband who did not force his wife to become a prostitute but he created a circumstance that forced her to become one.



Initially, the woman’s in-laws had a problem but it but gradually they adjusted with it and stopped complaining.



Now, the woman sleeps with different men every night. She meets all sorts of men from first timers and spoiled brats to big businessmen and unsatisfied husbands.



She says she had other options but prostitution was the fastest and highest paid medium she could find.



A well educated woman forced to lead a miserable life. Her family ruined. He dreams shattered. But why? Read on.




All this transpired just because her husband drove back home after a party under the influence of alcohol & invited a horrendous accident landing him into coma.



The woman eventually took up this profession to pay medical bills of her husband in a hope that he comes back to her in complete senses & leads a beautiful life together they had dreamt of. 



There are hundreds of families which have to face hazardous consequences just because a husband or a son or a father was driving his vehicle after drinking. 



In India, there is one accident death reported every four minutes and nearly 5 lakh accidents were reported last year in which the number of deaths reported was more than 1 lakh.



Increasing is the number due driving under the influence of alcohol in many Indian cities.



This clearly shows that there is a need to address the issue of road safety in India very seriously and an approach which hits people hard into their heads.



Here is a film made by ‘Mission Sharing Knowledge’ which showcases the issue brilliantly with a entirely different perspective.



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