MUST WATCH: The mimicry man turns funny ‘Policeman’ who arrested Godman Rampal

MUST WATCH: The mimicry man turns funny ‘Policeman’ who arrested Godman Rampal

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New Delhi: This man is a genius. Few days back, we reported about him mimicking Arvind Kejriwal in the funniest possible way and with his initiative to make people laugh with his cool sense of humor, he managed to gain 116,346 views and a good amount of shares on social network. Now, he is back with another video in which he plays a policeman who arrested Godman Rampal.


Dressed up in a khakhee hawaldar’s uniform, he sits very comfortably on a chair holding the signature ‘policewalon ki lath’ which he shows off throughout the video. In a pure Haryanvi accent, he answers all the questions asked by the person making the video. The first question that was asked by him was that he is accused of asking for bribes. He skillfully answers that it’s not ghoos, its ghus. He says, ”Koi panga ho ya danga ho, hum usme ghus lete hain”


He also tells how he caught hold of Rampal. He actually misinterpreted Godman Rampal with Arjun Rampal and in this luring to see Arjun Rampal, the actor, the entire police force hurriedly went to meet Arjun to click selfies.


Also, he explains how he doesn’t find any difference between Arjun Rampal and Baba Rampal. With another smart style he says, “They both do not have any expression on their faces. So we got confused”


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When asked whether he was afraid of baba when he went to arrest him, he tells that leave him, even his father is not scared of baba. The only thing he is scared of is transfer.


Then comes another pun about why police’s 100 number is always engaged or not reachable. Watch the video for his hilarious answer!


Abhilash Thapliyal is a creative person who likes to make funny videos and make people smile!


Enjoy his policeman avatar here: