Gorillas enjoy lesbian sex too!

Gorillas enjoy lesbian sex too!

By: || Updated: 24 May 2016 06:36 AM
London: Seems like lesbianism isn't just a human thing as a primate expert has reported what seems to be the first occurrence of girl-on-girl gorilla sex.

Dr. Cyril Grueter from the University of Western Australia was examining the feeding patterns of gorillas in Rwanda when he made the stunning discovery, reported Daily Mail.

He told Daily Mail Australia: "Instead of seeing aggression between females over food we saw them engaging in sexual behaviour which was quite surprising."

Dr Grueter learnt that when rejected by males, a majority of the female gorillas turn to each other to derive some sexual pleasure.

Of the 22 female gorillas examined from 2008 to 2010, 18 engaged in sexual activity with other females, including 'genital rubbing,' 'genital closeness' and mating calls during intercourse.

He also explained that this behaviour appeared to be motivated purely by sexual arousal rather than attraction and they were equally aroused by males and females.

The study stated that twelve out of 43 homosexual events involved at least one female that was also involved in a heterosexual act on the same/preceding/following day."

The academic said the study was significant as it might contribute to an understanding of the evolution of such behaviour in humans

The study is published in the journal PLOS ONE.


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