Giving to charity makes hot people even hotter!

Giving to charity makes hot people even hotter!

London: A new study has revealed that giving to charity and generosity makes people more attractive and irresistible.




Around 76 percent Brits felt that charitableness and generosity are important traits in a partner, the Daily Star reported.


The study, by leading multi-retailer gift card One4all Gift Cards UK, found one in three women considered generosity a more important trait than looks or wealth.


Charitable people are thought to be more faithful, make better friends and even better parents.


Increasing charity work by celebrities has raised the desirability of "nice guys."


The study found a huge 70 percent of men also find generosity and charitableness important traits in a woman and 5 percent Brits thought that those who give to charity are better in bed. (ANI)

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