Fired employee allegedly destroys plane, video goes viral

Fired employee allegedly destroys plane, video goes viral

By: || Updated: 09 May 2016 03:03 PM
New Delhi: There may or may not be a 'right' way to react on being terminated from a job but surely it can't get more 'worse' than destroying a plane using heavy machinery.

A fired employee of Russian airline UTair got so fumed that he destroyed a multi-million dollar jet using a digger, said media reports.

Recently, a video is posted on YouTube and is now going viral with almost 12 lakh views and counting.

The video shows the huge machine drilling a hole in the aircraft, one strike after another.

However, according to some other reports it may be possible that the plane was defunct and was being destroyed. Old-fashined jets are often dismantled, sold in parts, so the man in the digger might just have been doing his job.

We do not know the exact story behind the video but the footage is interesting to watch.

Take a look below:

Video courtesy-Geek World/YouTube

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