'Dead' woman wakes up screaming in coffin at own funeral

'Dead' woman wakes up screaming in coffin at own funeral

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London: A Greece-based woman who was declared dead by the doctors reportedly woke up in her coffin just an hour after being buried alive at her own funeral.




According to the relatives and friends of the 49-year-old cancer sufferer, they heard banging and a female screaming from inside the grave, the Daily Star reported.


The dead woman, whose funeral was held at a cemetery in the town of Peraia, was found dead due to the lack of air inside the coffin by the time the gravediggers dug it up.


Chrissi Matsikoudi, a doctor at the scene, said that it is unbelievable and highly unlikely for someone in a state of rigor mortis to have been shouting and hitting the coffin like that, after several tests including one for heart failure on the body was done.


While relatives of the dead woman are considering filing a complaint against the doctors responsible for her treatment at the cancer clinic in Thessaloniki, Greece, a coroner will examine her body over the next few weeks.

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