You are not Indians, Katju tells IITians

You are not Indians, Katju tells IITians

By: || Updated: 20 Dec 2015 12:22 PM
New Delhi: Former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju on Friday while addressing students of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay said that he does not regards IITians as Indians.

Katju visited IIT-B on friday as a guest speaker to speak on various issues. He told the IIT students that they should not have an illusion of being Indians.

"Please don't have any illusion, I also don't have any illusions about you. You are not Indians. I don't regard you as Indians," Katju said.

According to Katju people in India should not hope or expect anything from IIT students.
"I don't expect anything from you. People of India should not have any hopes from you because eventually you will serve America or Germany," he added.

Katju labelled IIT students as "utterly selfish" people.
" Most of you IIT students have no genuine love for the country. You are utterly selfish, with no patriotism or idealism. All you want is to migrate to America ( and most of you manage to do that ), usually by first going for an M.Tech. degree there ( for which you get scholarship ), and then settling down there and enjoying a comfortable life-- and to hell with India," he said.

Katju in his Facebook post wrote:
"Your education in IIT is largely subsidized by the Indian taxpayer. But after we Indians pay for your education, you are taken away by America ( or Europe) who benefit from your technical knowledge, which was imparted by us.
Higher education is very expensive in the West. So at a small fraction of the cost of educating you in their own country, the Westerners take away our best brains. That is no doubt a considerable saving for them, though no doubt at our expense.
And after settling down in America, you will become NRIs--- supercilious know-alls, who will give lectures to Indians about what is good for them and what is not."

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