VIRAL VIDEO: Indian Army soldiers get thunderous applause at Delhi airport

By: | Updated: 19 Apr 2017 01:45 PM

Screenshots from the video below.

New Delhi: Indian soldiers are in the spotlight these days for courageously battling terrorists on the forefront and also for maintaining their restraint while being attacked by unscrupulous elements in Kashmir.

These jawans sacrifice their lives only to ensure the country is protected and we live in peace. Their grit and determination towards their jobs is matchless

Recently, a group of Indian Army soldiers received a surprising welcome that included a thunderous applause when they entered the Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi.

Major Gaurav Arya took to Twitter to share the video which is now going viral and is seen being shared widely by celebrities from various walks of life.


“Indian Troops were returning from a UN mission (you can see them in sky blue berets and turbans) and landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport today at 0300 hrs. The soldiers and officers were greeted on arrival by spontaneous applause by the staff and also other passengers. I have never seen this happening in India. Reaction to this is simply fantastic, in the Army. They feel honoured and loved, ” the Major told daily Indian Express.

The Indian defence personnel not only save us during times of terrorist attacks but also play a major role during times of natural disasters. Not just India, so far, India has taken part actively in close to 50 Peacekeeping missions. The defence personnel group also involves a significant number of police personnel.

Each one of us owe an incredible debt of gratitude to the men and women of our armed forces and maybe that drew the people on airport just to take out a moment to say thank you to these valiant Indians.
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