Vadra's behavior reflects poorly on Sonia, Priyanka: Vaidik

Vadra's behavior reflects poorly on Sonia, Priyanka: Vaidik

By: || Updated: 02 Nov 2014 10:57 AM
Indore: Veteran journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik on Sunday said that Robert Vadra's behavior reflected poorly on stalwarts of the Congress party - his wife Priyanka Gandhi and mother-in-law Sonia Gandhi.



"This behaviour of Robert Vadra has put Priyanka's future in jeopardy. It also reflects poorly on Sonia Gandhi and raises questions such as can a political family be brazen in face of corruption charges," Vaidik told ANI.


"A journalist does not come to attack. He does not look to harass you; he is only there to get information so that he can share that information with the common man. If the journalist in question had asked a question, it should have been answered. If you don't want to give an answer, you also have the right to keep your silence," he added.


Vaidik further condemned Vadra's actions towards the journalist.


"What I do not understand is why the journalist in question was pushed, why he was manhandled and why he was abused. By such actions, you yourself are allowing the public to form an opinion on you. You yourself give the impression of not being honest," he said.


On Saturday, Vadra lost his temper and pushed an ANI reporter's mic away, when asked a question about his land deals in Haryana.


"Are you serious? Are you serious? Are you nuts? What is wrong with you," Vadra kept asking repeatedly.


Vadra and his security guards also threatened the reporter and asked him to turn off his camera at a private event held at the Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi.

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