'Under pressure' victim retracts her statement against Jain guru Namramuni

'Under pressure' victim retracts her statement against Jain guru Namramuni

By: || Updated: 11 Oct 2017 08:43 PM

Jain religious guru Namramuni.

NEW DELHI: After leveling sensational allegation of sexual exploitation against Jain religious leader Namramuni, a Mumbai based woman on Wednesday retracted her statements.

The woman, who claimed to have been associated with the the Jain monk for about 10 years, had earlier said that Namramuni used to tell her that women should surrender their hearts, body and money to the guru. She had also lodge complaints against Muni with the Prime Minister’s Office, Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and Maharashtra State Commission for Women.

Earlier in an interview with ABP News, the victim had on Tuesday revealed how the Jain monk forces his female followers to take 'deeksha' (denounce the material world).

Gist of the interview:

  • "He ensured he will give me 'deeksha'. He also tried to brainwash me so that I don't listen to my parents who were against me taking 'deeksha'," she had said.

  • "I was shocked to see that 30 girls were told to walk on ramp without dupatta in his Pawan Dham ashram based in Kandivali, Mumbai. Namramuni said he is Krishna and all the women around him are his gopiyas. He said women should visit their gurus even after sunset," she added.

  • "He celebrated valentine's day with us. He also asked a few girls to dance and some to press his feet," she told ABP News.

  • She said Jain monk had threatened her and asked her to keep quite.

  • She was heartbroken and depressed when Muni decided not to give her 'deeksha' as he wanted her to stay the way she was in his service.

However, soon after the telecast of the show that aired both sides of story, the victim's videos containing her apology with teary eyes surfaced on social media. She was also seen retracting from her earlier charges she levelled against and blamed her employee and ABP News.

In another video, she was seen sitting before Muni on ground and seeking his mercy and asking his to forgive her. In the same video, some of Mini's disciples were seen shooting the scene with their mobile phones while other circling her to make their powerful presence felt to the victim.

The video clips were circulated on social media with a message that the victim had retracted from her original statements and allegations and now blaming the channel of "ill will.

Clearly, the Muni and his disciples are waiting to clear his name of any ill-doing to the victims. It was a brave scene of victim seeking forgiveness from the accused himself.

On the other hand, on speaking to ABP News, Nrimuni Maharaj has refuted to all the charges claimed by the woman saying, “He cannot recall anyone who stayed in his ashram for ten years and thereafter left”.

Reacting to allegations, the Jain monk said he sits in an open hall and no one comes to him after sunset. He also said that he never forced anyone to take 'deeksha'.

"I have given 'deeksha' to 18-20 people. You can ask them. I have never pressurized or threatened her," he said.

He further added saying, “The allegations by the woman are false and madeup for he is above and beyond worldly pleasures”, calling them as ‘moh maya’.

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