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By: | Updated: 07 Mar 2012 12:43 AM

Lucknow: ‎Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati on Wednesday tendered
her resignation to governor BL Joshi after facing a rout in the Assembly
elections. The chief minister, apparently to avoid waiting news persons,
chose to arrive from the back door of the Raj Bhawan.

Mayawati's BSP faced a rout in the Assembly elections managing to win only
80 seats. Her party had won 206 seats in the 2007 Assembly elections.

Accusing Congress and BJP of raising the minority sub-quota issue mid-way
during the UP polls for their political gains, BSP supremo Mayawati on
Wednesday said this helped in large-scale transfer of Muslim votes to
Samajwadi Party.

Talking to reporters soon after submitting her resignation to UP governor
BL Joshi, Mayawati said 70 per cent of the Muslim votes had gone to the SP
due to the minority reservation issue.

"You all know that Congress raised the issue of reservation for backward
Muslims for their political gains soon after the Vidhan Sabha elections
were declared and this was opposed strongly to by the BJP," Mayawati said.

She alleged that the BJP also tried to attract the upper castes and the
OBCs towards them for electoral benefits.

"Due to this, there was a fear in the Muslim community that the BJP may
come to power. Finding the Congress weak and thinking that the OBCs and
upper castes would vote for the BJP, Muslims voted not for the Congress
but the SP," Mayawati claimed.

She said there were apprehensions in the minds of Muslims that the upper
castes and OBCs would not vote for the BSP and, hence, they voted for the

Except the Dalits, the Hindu votes-particularly those of upper castes-got
divided among many parties and the SP gained from this, she said.

"70 per cent of the Muslim votes were transferred to the SP," Mayawati

Mayawati claimed that the Dalit votes did not get divided and remained
with the BSP.

"All across the state, the Dalits have voted for the BSP. This is the
reason the BSP is number 2. Otherwise, it would have been left far
behind.... My position would have been like that of Lalu (Prasad) in
Bihar," she said.

The out-going chief minister alleged that the new SP government will put
her welfare programmes in cold storage and take the state backwards by
many years.

"Very soon the people of the state will get fed up with the functioning of
the SP government and remember the good governance during the BSP rule,"
she said.

Enumerating the various welfare schemes of her government, she alleged
that the Centre's attitude towards the state during her rule was negative.

Mayawati indicated that she would work towards reviving her party in the
coming days.

"Our party will revive its cadre and work on taking the state out of the
Hindu-Muslim mindset," she said, adding that the BSP would also woo other
communities into the party-fold.

The BSP chief also hit out at the media for keeping the minority sub-quote
issue alive by highlighting the issue repeatedly during the polls.

submits her resignation

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First Published: 07 Mar 2012 12:43 AM
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