Shun families that have monopolised political power: Modi

Shun families that have monopolised political power: Modi

By: || Updated: 11 Oct 2014 11:29 AM
Jind/Sirsa: Sharpening his attack on dynastic politics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday asked the people to shun the "families" that have monopolised power in Haryana by forging "behind-the-scene alliances" for past 25 years and were propagating "goondashahi". 




"People of Haryana will not forgive the looters of Haryana. Five families have ruled the state for last 25 years. Here, they have forged behind-the scene alliances ahead of elections. They have decided amongst themselves that they will loot the state by turns," he said addressing rallies in Haryana ahead of October 15 polls.


Modi said these families gave the semblance of opposing each other in public, but actually had a cosy arrangement of alternate periods of rule. "Haryana needs freedom from the rule of these families," the Prime Minister said.


"They have an agreement that one family will rule for five years while the other family will badmouth the ruling family. In the next elections, other family comes to the power and circle goes on. You have to save Haryana from these 'goondashahi' (reign of anti-social elements) and dynastic politics," Modi said at the rally in Sira.


He said that time has come "to bring an end to this game...People of the state have decided to throw them out and punish them for their deeds."


Modi said the state various parts of the state have suffered due to political rivalry and assured the people of even development across the state. He claimed that the support of the people was taken for granted and their aspirations from successive regimes ignored.


"Embrace us once and I will ensure development of the entire state.... What does a farmer want - water and power - and he will convert his fields into gold mines," he said in Jind.


Modi said despite projections by some that Haryana will have a hung assembly he believes that BJP will get a full majority going by the response of people to his rallies.

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