Satire website on Modi restarts

Satire website on Modi restarts

By: || Updated: 29 Jul 2013 07:09 AM

New Delhi: The controversial site
restarted as two unknown name who claimed themselves as @gounder &
@vidyut on micro blogging site twitter, have restarted the domain.

The site came in controversy due to its content which was allegedly
against Gujarat CM Narendra Modi. Though this time, there is not any
information available except front-page with a picture of Narendra Modi on
the site.

The moderators of the controversial domain wrote on the site, “ideas
must not die out of fear.”

At the end of the page, there is a disclaimer from the moderators:
“There used to be a site on this domain which came under controversy and
was deleted. We found this domain orphaned.”

“We are not averse to adding any ideas you have here. Shoot them off to . We don't mind offending a few,” the
moderators added in the disclaimer.

There is an option of ‘Get details’ on the web site. As soon as you
will drag your pointer near it-- the point starts moving and you will not
be able to click on the point ‘Get Details’.

The disclaimer and the entire re-launched domain seemed like a satire as
the website was earlier taken down within few hours.

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