Railway fare hike from New Delhi to other cities

Railway fare hike from New Delhi to other cities

By: || Updated: 14 Mar 2012 05:49 AM

Here's a list of
minimum railway fare hike from the capital New Delhi to other cities in
the country

From New Delhi to Mumbai:
Sleeper:  Rs 70
AC 3-Tier: Rs
AC 2-Tier: Rs 210
AC 1-Tier: Rs 420

From New Delhi
to Patna:

Sleeper: Rs 50
AC 3-tier: Rs 100
AC 2-tier: Rs
AC 1-Tier: Rs 300

From New Delhi to Lucknow:
Rs 25
AC 3-Tier: Rs 50
AC 2-Tier: Rs 75
AC 1-Tier: Rs 150

New Delhi to Kolkata:

Sleeper: Rs 75
AC 3-Tier: Rs 150
2-Tier: Rs 225
AC 1-Tier: Rs 450

From New Delhi to

Sleeper: Rs 45
AC 3-Tier: Rs 90
AC 2-Tier:
AC 1-Tier: 270

From New Delhi to Bhopal:
Rs 35
AC 3-Tier: Rs 70
AC 2-Tier: Rs 105
AC 1-Tier: Rs 210

New Delhi to Jaipur:

Sleeper: Rs 15
AC 3-Tier: 30
2-Tier: 45
AC 1-Tier: 90

From New Delhi to Indore:

Sleeper: Rs 40

AC 3-Tier: 80
AC 2-Tier: 120
AC 1-Tier: 240

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