Priyanka Gandhi casts spell on BJP lawmakers

Priyanka Gandhi casts spell on BJP lawmakers

By: || Updated: 11 Dec 2014 03:59 AM
Bangalore: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra doesn't know it but she has just become part of a Karnataka BJP lawmaker's extended family.


The legislator, Prabhu Chavan, was Wednesday caught on camera watching a picture of Priyanka in his mobile and then zooming in on her chest while Assembly proceedings were on.


The 45-year-old later claimed he was merely showing "pictures of my family" to a fellow MLA.


Chavan's sudden longing for his "family" came nearly three years after three ministers from his party were caught watching porn in the same House and were forced to step down.


That was in February 2012. Cut to December 2014, and it appears Chavan isn't any wiser to the perils of succumbing to other attractions while at the workplace.

Footage aired by several Kannada news channels showed Chavan flipping through some pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi and then focusing on the Congress chief's daughter in a white shirt. He is then seen zooming in on her chest.


His party colleague Ravi Subramanya is also seen looking at the mobile phone screen for a while before he turns his head and looks up at the gallery where the TV cameras were positioned.


Chavan later apologised for "wasting time" in the House but claimed he hadn't done "anything wrong". "I was only showing pictures of my family to Ravi Subramanya and then flipped to see the picture of my leader (Modi)," he said, but didn't mention Priyanka's picture.


Subramanya showed why voters had not erred in electing him. "He (Chavan) showed me some pictures of his family since I couldn't attend his daughter's wedding. Within seconds I said to him we could watch them when the House is adjourned and, from then on, I focused on the proceedings."


Around the time Chavan was missing his family, another BJP legislator, U.B. Banakar, was busy playing Candy Crush Saga on his mobile. All this happened while former chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy was speaking on problems faced by sugarcane farmers.


Party floor leader Jagadish Shettar said he had spoken to both Chavan and Subramanya. "I was told there was nothing obscene and (that) Chavan was showing his family pictures. But my party demands a total ban on mobile phones from the Assembly by installing signal jammers," the former chief minister said.


- The Telegraph, Calcutta

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