‘Mermaid’ in Bengaluru’s pothole

‘Mermaid’ in Bengaluru’s pothole

By: || Updated: 13 Oct 2017 02:02 PM
Bengaluru: To awaken the government and encourage them to curb the problem of potholes in the country’s IT Hub, an artist took a creative initiative and turned one of Bengaluru’s potholes in a water body, by filling it with blue paint and made a mermaid sit inside it.

The same attracted a lot of attention of the passerbys, who were seen clicking pictures and sharing them on social media.

The mermaid sitting on a footpath which had been covered in the theme could be seen playing with the pothole water and smiling at people crossing her.

The intent of the artist was to attract the attention of the authorities and fix these potholes which have been a reason for multiple deaths lately.

The artist Badal who is a local from Mysuru wanted to send across a strong message to the government and make them take an initiative to get all the potholes filled, which have killed 4 people recently.

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