LIVE updates: UP CM Akhilesh's meeting with father Mulayam fails to break SP deadlock

LIVE updates: UP CM Akhilesh's meeting with father Mulayam fails to break SP deadlock

By: || Updated: 03 Jan 2017 04:55 PM
NEW DELHI: Even as the battle over the party's symbol 'cycle' continued unabated, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister met his father and Samajwadi Party patron Yadav at the latter's residence here amid speculations of a patch-up on the cards.


  • Mulayam asks Amar Singh to approach the Election Commission.

  • Another twist in the tail, Mulayam-Akhilesh's meeting failed to yield any result, says sources.

  • Another patch-up on cards?: Mulayam Singh likely to keep the SP's national president post while Akhilesh Yadav may be appointed party's state president. Shivpal Yadav may get responsibility of tackling political issues with the Centre.

  • UP CM Akhilesh Yadav's meeting with father Mulayam Singh at the latter's residence ends.

  • The meeting came after reports earlier suggested that the father-son duo had a telephonic conversation.

  • Mulayam's younger brother and close confidante Shivpal Yadav, however, said that he was not aware about any such meeting, but added that he would definitely attend it if invited.

  • Akhilesh reached out to father Mulayam and sought a way to resolve the problem.

  • Commenting on the ongoing father-son tussle, HM Rajnath Singh said, "The struggle ' between father and son is never good. The required expulsion is over. The next government will bear the brunt. But we cannot express happiness over any family dispute"

  • Mulayam Singh reaches Lucknow, could brief media on Wednesday

  • 'Disheartened' Azam Khan on Tuesday told media that "All the Muslims are with Samajwadi Party" still

  • Still trying to resolve the feud between Akhilesh and Mulayam. All the doors are not shut as yet: Azam Khan

  • Before leaving from Lucknow for Delhi on Monday, Mulayam Singh told media that the party belonged to him as he enjoyed the support of the people of India’s most populous state

  • Akhilesh's aide Ram Gopal Yadav, on the other hand visited Election Commission office to attain claim over the party symbol 'cycle'. He told EC that "ours is the real party and 90% of people are in our favour"

  • Mulayam singh, on Monday was accompanied by Amar Singh and Jaya Prada, to the Election Commission of India office in Delhi, in order to stake the claim for SP’s election symbol ‘cycle’ and tell that his faction is the actual Samajwadi Party

Samajwadi Party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav pulled the string of the father-son tussle to the national capital over his claim for its election symbol- cycle, The Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s faction also visited Election Commission office to seek a claim over the same.

According to the sources, if Akhilesh doesn’t get the claim of ‘cycle’ from Mulayam; he would go ahead with ‘motorcycle’.

At an emergency national convention on Sunday, Akhilesh upstaged his father as the party chief and appointed himself as the Working National President. He also replaced state unit chief Shivpal Yadav with his loyalist and legislative council member Naresh Uttam.

The convention, declared illegal and unconstitutional by Mulayam Singh, also expelled Amar Singh from the party. In the night, a tense Mulayam Singh’s blood pressure was reported to have shot up and a team of doctors was requisitioned for a medical check-up.

In Delhi, the party sources said Akhilesh will show the poll panel video recordings, papers and resolutions signed by at least 40 per cent of party workers - the number required to call an emergency convention as per Samajwadi party constitution.

The faction was also relying on Ram Gopal Yadav’s skills as a man who was instrumental in drafting the constitution of the party 25 years back. Mulayam Singh was also depending heavily on the very same constitution and the clauses within it to put forth an argument that the national convention called in haste was in contravention to the laid down rules of the party and hence anything that happened in it was invalid.

The sources said Amar Singh, who arrived in Delhi from vacation in London, was also to lining up a battery of legal eagles and constitutional experts to pitch in for the Mulayam Singh faction.

Reacting to his expulsion from the party, Amar Singh told reporters: “Once Mulayam had said that I am in his heart not in the party. So, if Mulayam expels me from his heart then it will be saddening for me. The party does not matter to me.”

All eyes were now on the final call the poll panel would take.

According to constitutional experts, in all likelihood, the poll panel could freeze the party symbol and allot new symbols to both factions to contest the state assembly elections scheduled to be held this year. This might come as a blow to both sides as the party symbol of ‘cycle’ was a well established brand.
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