I did what was right Trivedi to STAR News

I did what was right Trivedi to STAR News

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New Delhi: Railway
Minster Dinesh Trivedi said in an exclusive interview with STAR News he
did what was right for the Railways. 

“As a Railway Minister
I am happy with what we have put up. The PM has faith on me and is
satisfied what we have done. The country also has a lot of trust on the
Railway Ministry,” said Trivedi.

However, the Railway Minister
wanted to keep mum on talks about his resignation after his party chief
created uproar over the hike. “These are all baseless questions and I
don’t want to comment anything on that. I really don’t know what’s
happening in the outside world. I haven’t spoken yet to Mamata
Banerjee,” said Trivedi.

On the fare hike, Trivedi said that
it was a minimal one and the common man will be able to afford it. He
further adds that this fare hike will help collect Rs 4,000 crore for
Indian railways which will used to enhance the safety conditions and

“From where will the money come? Who will give
money for security? There are accidents happening and people get killed.
Hence for all these money is required. Nothing comes for free. Even there
is a regular hike in electricity bills, then why not in Railways?” asks

Passenger fares were hiked for the first time in 10 years
by 2-30 paise across all segments. However, this is still reasonably
priced as a passenger travelling by second class mail for 375 km will have
to bear an additional cost of only Rs 12.

Trivedi also says that
the ministry had received suggestions from passengers to increase the
fares and did want the Railways to ail like the Air India. “Passengers
do ask us to increase the fares. See, if we don’t increase the fares
then we will land up in a poor state like Air India. We have brought the
Railways out of ICU,” said Trivedi

 Trivedi also wants to link
the fares to the cost of fuel - increasing or decreasing with changes in
fuel rates. Trivedi in the Rail Budget for 2012-13, which was presented in
Parliament today, proposed to raise fares by as much as 30 paise per
kilometer. "I am contemplating a system of segregating fuel component in
the cost associated with passenger services and call it FAC (fuel
adjustment component)," he finally added.

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