Here are major REASONS that contribute to current air condition in Delhi

Here are major REASONS that contribute to current air condition in Delhi

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Delhi suffers worst environment pollution

Delhi: The national capital continues to breathe extremely poisonous air, though there is a slight improvement in the pollution level since yesterday. It is being observed that the major cause of pollution in the national capital is burning of crops in the neighboring states of Haryana and Punjab.

But, this is a temporary reason for causing air pollution, which happens every year in the month of October and November.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also wrote the Chief Ministers of neighboring states to seek time to discuss the same.


Though one can’t deny that the severity of pollution in October and November is due to burning of paddy, one cannot ignore that we all are responsible for the current alarming situation.

We all contribute to the running environment on daily basis. Below are main reasons why Delhi is choking.

Major reasons for pollution:

  • Dust on roads and the dust which is produced as a result of construction work in and around Delhi: 38%

  • Pollution caused by vehicles: 20%

  • Pollution due to garbage produced in the houses: 12%

  • Pollution caused by construction material used to make buildings: 6%

  • Pollution caused by hotels and restaurants: 3%

  • Pollution caused by burning garbage like plastic: 3%

  • Pollution caused due to industries: 2%

  • Pollution caused by Air conditioners, refrigerators and other electrical appliances: 2%

  • Pollution caused by geezers and electricity generators: 2%

  • Pollution caused during funerals: 1%

  • Pollution caused due to air planes and helicopters: less than 1%

  • Pollution caused by waste material of hospitals: less than 1%


As the city recorded a sharp dip in air quality, the Indian Medical Association tsaid Delhi was witnessing a "public health emergency" and also appealed to the Delhi government to stop outdoor sports and other such activities in schools to protect the health of children.

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