Floods drown several parts of India; over 70 dead

Floods drown several parts of India; over 70 dead

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Floods drown various parts of the country

New Delhi: Incessant rains have lashed major parts of the country leading to flood like situation. Various cities have drowned in rain leading to deaths in large numbers.

So far over 70 people have died due to massive rains. The maximum number of deaths has been reported from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, where people and vehicles can be seen drowned in the water.

Gujarat drowns:

Monsoon has come as a curse on Gujarat, where maximum deaths have been reported, mostly due to sheer negligence.

In a shocking incident, 3 out of 4 people enjoying high tides at Kodiyar beach in Gujarat got washed away with tide. The rescue operation was launched but it became very difficult to save their lives amid heavy rains.

All 3 belonged to Rajasthan.

Another incident took place in Morbi, where two people got stuck in the middle of nowhere, as they lost their balance amid heavy flow of water. Somehow they reached out for a pole with the help of an electric wire and people in the nearby area called the rescue team, and saved their lives.

Over 7000 people have been affected with regular rains in Gujarat, and have been shifted to safer locations.

Madhya Pradesh washed out:

In a similar situation, a bunch of people risked their lives only to wash clothes at a ghat in Ghatni.

In spite of a warning board which read –“bathing and washing clothes is prohibited” people still resorted to washing clothes, post which one of them fell in the heavy flow of water.

Jharkhand lashed out:

A 12-year-old got drowned in heavy flow of river, while he had gone for a temple visit. The boy, who was crossing a bridge amid heavy flow of water, lost the grip of his father’s hand and got washed out. The boy was later rescued by nearby people.

Maharashtra inundates:

In yet another painful incident, a father and his daughter lost their lives when the girl got drowned in Karjat. The incident took place when the girl got washed away with the heavy flow of water and her father went for her rescue, but couldn’t save her life.

The body of the man has been found, the girl’s body is still missing.

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