Fine if Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua becomes BJP's tagline: Shah Rukh Khan

Fine if Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua becomes BJP's tagline: Shah Rukh Khan

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New Delhi: Bollywood superstar is awaiting his big release 'Dilwale' on December 18, 2015 and the actor was in Delhi on Thursday to promote his upcoming movie. SRK's statement on 'intolerance had made global headlines recently. On ABP News's show he retracted and said "There is no intolerance in India, everything is fine in our country".

In an interview with India Today he was asked is he okay with the BJP stealing the line 'Rang de tu mohe Gerua' from Dilwale which is already a blockbuster and turning it into a tagline for the next elections?
Shahrukh replied, "Yes, it's fine. Once I have said it, it is not my line any more. Anybody can use it if they think it will help them. A political party, a team or an individual,".

On ABP News' show 'Press Confererence, the actor was asked about his view on intolerance.

Q: The situation that prevails in the country today… what do you think of intolerance?

SRK: I know whether there is intolerance or not… but what I was asked, because of which I was attacked from all quarters and which was debated so much, was what will I say to the future generations… as I am in the seniority zone now… not as senior as you are… but senior enough… so for modernness… for modern India, which is progressing every year… and since I travel across the world a lot, so I realise that our country is progressing a lot… and going towards modernity.

All I wanted to say is whenever 50 per cent of our countrymen who are 25 (or below)… if there is a message that I would want to give to them, ‘it would be good if there is no discrimination on the basis of region, religion, caste, colour, creed, sex or gender’.

I don’t mean that it’s happening at present… I say it clearly… I have got scared… everything is fine in our country… God bless India… long live us… long live us Indians… there is no problem at all….

Nobody has shown any intolerant behaviour towards me… except for the time when I, except in front of people and they get offended…. Otherwise, even then they are tolerant… I know I make mistake (by smoking in public)… whatever I say… whatever I do… I have never said it anywhere. Nor will I say.
And please, there would be a few idiot people who will say that I am clarifying now because my film is releasing… but no what is true is true… I have never said it…nor do I think it….

I think we are on the cusp of modernisation and the best of place where a country can be… we will, we can and we should be a superpower but small little issues… I think for younger generations… I am not saying it for the generation that exists… I am not saying that right now we are intolerant.

I am not saying there is – I don’t know what to call it in Hindi so if you can translate it for me (audience says ” asahishnuta“)… yes, that’s what – I am not saying it’s there in our country at the moment… It’s not there at all….

I am happy… I am a happy go lucky person… I am a patriot… I am a nationalist…. I am really sorry if anybody has felt bad… and I am not saying this because I want people to watch my film… they will watch it if they want.

There is no issue if they don’t…you all should be happy but nowhere have I said anything which is wrong.
Having said that, every time I speak, things are misunderstood. This is perhaps the last place… and the best place… after this, any question asked from me should be based on my cheapness, my films, don’t ask me anything about important issues… neither on economic development… nor social… or society, caste, creed or politics… I don’t know anything… All I know is to act… that too only to some extent, according to a lot of people. So that’s what I will do. I don’t want to say anything other than this.

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