Fictitious Lutyens’ IDs flummox them!

Fictitious Lutyens’ IDs flummox them!

By: || Updated: 25 Oct 2014 12:37 PM
New Delhi: If you ever wondered what actually goes on in the power corridors of Delhi then here are two Twitter handles that you can’t get your eyes off. However, the jury is out on the veracity of the claims they dole out with such relish and merriment.


These two Twitter Ids namely Lutyens' Spice (@LutyensSpice) and Lutyens' Masala (@LutyensMasala) have been actively involved in some mudslinging claiming to ‘expose’ the country’s prolific politicians, bureaucrats and journalists.


Lutyens' Spice was created on October 17 and to counter it originated Lutyens' Masala this Friday. The two handles are rapidly increasing their followers’ list with the former garnering 11k (and counting) within a week.


Both claim to leak out some of the scandalous stuff that are doing the rounds in political circles. However, how authentic they are is yet to be confirmed though giving the impression it is all based on ‘inside’ information.



Lutyens’ Spice talks of the rift between the PM Narendra Modi and his Home Minister Rajnath Singh and says the latter’s views are not respected by new BJP chief Amit Shah as well. Shanti Bhushan wants Prashanth Bhushan to lead AAP, one of its tweets read.