Entire family sent to jail in ‘historic’ corruption case

Entire family sent to jail in ‘historic’ corruption case

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New Delhi: In a 'historic' judgment, Surendra Sharma, former deputy manager of Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation, along with his family of four, was found guilty of disproportionate assets and sent to jail for 6 years by a special anti-corruption designated court in Ajmer on Saturday.


The court also slapped a fine of Rs 25 lakh each of the family members. If unable to pay the fine, then their imprisonment will be extended by one year.



Wife Aruna (51) and children Gaurav (26) and Garima (24) have been found guilty of  having disproportionate assets of Rs 8.3 crore and provoking Sharma towards assimilating more assets by unethical means.


Special public prosecutor appointed by state government, Rakesh Thada told ABP LIVE that “in August 2010, the deputy manager was caught red handed with Rs 1.025 lakh in his car by the anti-corruption bureau. Later, From multiple raids in his house, accounts and lockers in four banks and private firms, a total cash of 4.95 crore along with 9.86 kg gold and 1 kg silver was recovered. Gold biscuits and gold chips were also found in some of the lockers.”


He further added that Sharma, a son of a school teacher in Haryana made all his money by charging commission on the trucks carrying fodder to the villages.


Special judge Phool Chand Jhajharia ordered the family, which owned a bunglow worth Rs 1 crore and 10 hectares land in Ajmer, to deposit the entire cash, gold and silver to the state government treasury.


Public prosecutor presented 115 documented evidence and 94 oral evidence in court against Sharma.


Jhajharia, in his 300-page judgement wrote, “Corruption is speeding in society like cancer. The greed of government officials to earn more and more has led to degradation of society. There is an immediate need to put a full stop on such practices to give society a right direction to grow and develop. That is why extreme punishment was very much necessary in this case.”


This milestone judgment came out in the context of cases of corruption popping up and the culprits escaping using their influence. International anti-corruption watchdog Transparency, in its latest survey Global Corruption Barometer 2013,states. that virtually no key institution or sector in India is free from corruption. The level of bribe remains very high across the nation in both public and private sectors.

Table 1


Institutions/SectorsPercentage of people who think they are beset by corruption
Political Parties86
Police     75
Public officials/civil servants65
Business/Private sector50
Religious Bodies44

Source: Global Corruption Barometer 2013

Table 2

Public Service                          Percentage of those who paid a bribe
Registry and public services61
Land services58
Education                                    48
Revenue/customs                        41
Medical and Health34

Source: Global Corruption Barometer 2013


Surender Sharma was appointed as an employee in the dairy federation in the 1970s. During his service, he had worked in Ajmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur and Bharatpur.

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