Constitution Day: PM Modi hails Constitution as the guardian of the country

Constitution Day: PM Modi hails Constitution as the guardian of the country

'The relevance of the Constitution is still intact. Those who did not believe in it, have been proved wrong', said the Prime Minister on Constitution Day.

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PM Modi during his Valedictory address at Vigyan Bhawan on Constitution Day/ Image: ANI

New Delhi: Sixty eight years ago, on this very day, the Constituent Assembly gave to us a historic document - The Constitution. It was then on January 26, 1950  that the Constitution was enacted.

This day, November 26,  has been celebrated as National Law Day since the year 1979 until 2015.

In 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, changed this day to Constitution Day. This was done to mark the hundred and twenty fifth birth anniversary year of the chairman of the Drafting Committee, Dr. B R Ambedkar. The one year period from April 14,2015 to April 14, 2016 was observed as the 125th birth anniversary year of B R Ambedkar.

On the occasion of Constitution Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a valedictory address from Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi.

From paying tribute to the Drafting Committee to talking about the main hurdles in smooth governing, Prime Minister Modi went on to touch a wide range of topics.

He started with an address glorifying the supreme document of the  land. He said: "It was not easy to make a historical document (Constitution) which binds a country which has more than a dozen sects, more than 100 languages and more than 1700 dialects & people living in places with various beliefs.


He hailed Constitution as the guardian of the country that has been guiding us since past 68 years.


PM Modi said that the constitution has withstood the test of time.


He said that those governing are to be blamed if something goes wrong; the Constitution cannot be blamed.


He exhorted the Constitutional bodies to work unitedly towards strengthening the young country that India is at present. Ina rhetorical manner he asked " As members of the same family are we working together to strengthen one another, in support of each other?"

"Unfortunately we have not been able to remove our internal weaknesses, so many years after independence. We need to think about it at all levels," he said.

He talked about how we are responsible for leaving a better India for the future generation.



The Prime Minister recalled the time when elections were held simultaneously in the entire country. He said that because of some loopholes by the government, that system is lost, but we should think about restarting it. According to him, fixed dates of elections help to avoid the 'election-mode' that is toggled on most of the time.


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