'Cheap' & 'Absurd': That's how social media has called new ad of Pakistan featuring Nargis Fakhri

'Cheap' & 'Absurd': That's how social media has called new ad of Pakistan featuring Nargis Fakhri

By: || Updated: 21 Dec 2015 02:17 PM
Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri’s advertisement on the front page of leading Pakistani Urdu newspaper Jang has created a stir over social media where people have condemned it by calling the advertisement ‘cheap’ and ‘absurd’.

Many, including journalists, took to Twitter to condemn the ‘obscenity’ of the ad that simply shows Nargis Fakhri lying down with a phone in her hand while donning a red dress, the Express Tribune reported.
Pakistani investigative journalist Ansar Abbasi was the first one to condemn the ad on the micro-blogging site while others later joined him.

Here’s what they have tweeted:

Abbasi: My strong protest to top Jang group management for this absurd front page ad in today’s Jang.

Matiullah Jan: @AnsarAAbbasi you are right, her beautiful body curves have nothing to do with 3G phone and its ‘cheap price’. I fully agree with you dear.

Athar Ali Khan: Dayummm @NargisFakhri

Omno: Why did you dirty the newspaper by putting Nargis’s photograph on it?

Muhammed Amer: @AnsarAAbbasi why newspapers are trying to be like playboy or weekend type of magazine? These kind of ads look good in magazine not on NP.

Mirza Lamer King: Today they have put Nargis’s image. Tomorrow they will show Sunny Leone.

Kadar Khan: @AnsarAAbbasi Front page ad looks absurd but corruption, loot and plunder of the government is acceptable.

Aleem Qadeer: Could have used a talent like @NargisFakhri in a much better way.

Nadia: Those offended by Nargis Fakhri’s curves on a paper will be the first to mentally measure a woman up, they see in real.

Malik: Shame on Express & Jhang? for showing Nargis fakhri.

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