Viral Sach: BJP leader Manoj Tiwari 'mocks' people standing in bank queues

By: | Updated: 06 Jan 2017 01:24 PM
New Delhi: As the debate surrounding demonetisation has been escalated with the common man’s struggle on one hand and the government trying to convince the country to be patient and hold trust in their intention to eradicate black money; the newly appointed Bhartiya Janta Party Delhi Chief Manoj Tiwari has been seen in a video, doing quite the opposite and has ‘mocked ‘the people who stood selflessly in bank queues.


In the video, Party’s Delhi Chief actor-turned politician can be seen sitting on a round table with other BJP leaders laughing out loud, talking about people who convincingly and patiently stood outside banks, and the ones who showed courage to bear the perils which came as an aftermath of demonetisation.

Among the leaders sitting on the table, BJP leader Sudhanshu Trivedi and Vijendra Gupta were also present.

Tiwari also supported his mockery with a poetry which said- “Deshbhakt hain Qatar mei, lagi hai bhaari bheed; Takleefon se sajj rhi bharat ki taqdeer” (Nationals are standing in queues in heavy number and the fate of the country is being written with the pain that people are bearing).

Now, the question arises if Tiwari has also mocked the appeal made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bear with him for 50 days?

Tiwari’s ‘mocking’ video has gone now gone viral on social media and all eyes now lay on Bhartiya Janta Party to see if they would take any action against Tiwari.
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