AIRTEL DELHI HALF MARATHON: This year, run for a cause and support childhood cancer patients and survivors

AIRTEL DELHI HALF MARATHON: This year, run for a cause and support childhood cancer patients and survivors

By: || Updated: 19 Nov 2014 06:27 AM
New Delhi: Those who suffer from cancer and those who have survived cancer are not alone. They are the ones who have rather come out strongly challenging a particular disease and handling it in the most difficult of ways. And to support such people, we have different people in the society who don’t let them feel that they are alone or rejected, just because they suffer(ed) from cancer.


National Society for childhood cancer, CanKids Kidscan has made a noble effort to raise awareness about cancer for the last 10 years.  At the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon this Sunday , November 23 they are focusing on Survivors who are running for their dreams and spreading the message of success and achievement.


Aditi Arya, Grants Manager at Cankids reported,  “18 childhood cancer survivors, from 14 years to 31,  have come together, each one on a mission to raise funds and awareness for treatment, support and care for childhood cancer patients across India.   They are members of Kidscan Konnect - the teenage and young adult survivor group of Cankids .  


"These young people are filled with dreams and desires to win life. To overcome all the hardships and to realize that what matters is hope and to never give up. Their spirit is amazing. 13 of them don’t even have shoes. But they are exercising, practicing, raising funds and proud to help make a difference,"says Chief Advisor Chris Williams.


Poonam Bagai, Chairman Cankids , herself a cancer survivor explained, "As childhood cancer survivors they have to  learn to cope with the late side effects of their cancer treatment. These can range from chronic fatigue, hearing loss, liver problems, hormonal problems, loss of fertility,heart disease to even relapse and secondary malignancies. Their battle with cancer gives them the resilience to cope with these side effects.  They are zindadil."


Naveen is a 15-year-old Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Cancer survivor and he now lives a normal life. His father makes idols. Alongside completing his studies Naveen helps his father in his little business.  As a dream runner he targets to raise Rs 1.50 lakhs for the higher education of survivors like himself.


Just like Naveen, many other cancer survivors are running in the marathon to show the world that they have overcome cancer and they can do anything.


Mandy, a marathon runner,  is also  trying to help CanKids by raising awareness and helping for some contributions so that awareness about cancer reaches into society, and people come for treatment in time. Early detection key to survival.


Through this marathon, Cankids hopes to raise Rs. 10 lakhs.


Mandy and Naveen are targeting to raise Rs 1.50 lakhs each. "The survivors - school and college kids are targeting Rs 72000 @ Rs 4000 each.  Another 21 Cankids team and friends  have been set targets  to raise Rs 6.50 lakh @ Rs 31000 each," informs Kapil Chawla, Awareness Advocacy Officer Cankids KidsCan."


"It’s not that difficult! Remember when you were a kid at school...and you asked your parents and families and friends to sponsor you for a walk or a run?.....So its only 6 people to ask @Rs 5000 ...or 15 @ Rs 2000  or 31 @  Rs1000," he further explained.


How you can help:

You can contribute too. Help them with shoes and funds and blessings. Please reach out to, or to the Grant manager at 9810109141.