5 things to know about Karnataka's newly unveiled 'State Flag'

5 things to know about Karnataka's newly unveiled "State Flag"

If Centre gives it a nod then Karnataka will only be the second state in the country to have its own flag after

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Image: ANI

NEW DELHI: The Siddaramaiah government in Karnataka on Thursday unveiled the state flag.

  • The flag or “Naada Dwaja” with red, white and yellow colors have the state emblem “Ganda Bherunda” and it consists of a two-headed mythical bird in the middle.

  • The flag has a Lion Capital of Ashoka symbol is also on the flag, There are two lion-elephants called ‘sharabha’, a mythological creature believed to be 8-legged possessing the powers of lions and elephants.

  • The committee formed to design the flag was headed by eminent Kannada scholar Hampa Nagarajaiah. As per reports, yellow represents forgiveness, white is for peace and red is for bravery.

  • The flag is subject to approval by the union government.

  • Earlier, Karnataka had an informal or unofficial yellow and red flag. The yellow and red colors in the flag represent Arrishna (Turmeric) and Kumkuma (Vermilion) which symbolize auspiciousness and well-being of the state.

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