Windows Phone users now have full access to TrueCallers services

Windows Phone users now have full access to TrueCallers services

New Delhi: TrueCaller has teamed up with Microsoft to bring its live caller ID service to Windows Phone users, further helping end the app drought the OS suffers from. While the TrueCaller app has been available for Windows Phone for some time now, its functionality was restricted to notifying you about missed calls.



Microsoft has worked to remove its API restrictions exclusively for TrueCaller, given that the cross-platform app is the most popular live caller ID service, with 85 million active users. The move will bring the apps functionality up to that of its iOS and Android counterparts, but will be restricted to Lumia devices running the Cyan update.


TrueCaller works like an international crowdfunded telephone directory, where users can make their contact details and name available to other users of the service if they want to. These numbers then help other users of the service to see the name of a caller, even if the contact isn't in their own address book.


Added benefits of TrueCaller allow users to flag miscreants and spammers, for the benefit of others not wasting their time taking such calls. The service also lets you block calls from numbers registered in its 'top spammer list', and also lets you check who a number not known to you belongs to.


Windows Phone has been steadily receiving apps from big developers ever since Microsoft altered its developer policies. The company has finally realized the importance of giving its users access to great services, while also cleaning up its store of fraudulent apps that are out to make a quick buck by tricking users to download them.



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