Pre-order iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on Oct. 7; Pricing details confirmed

Pre-order iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on Oct. 7; Pricing details confirmed

New Delhi: The iPhone 6 is finally going on sale on the 17th of October as we had reported in the past. Re-sellers are apparently gearing up for the pre-order itself which is expected to happen from the 7th of October. So if you have been waiting for the iPhone 6 to land in India, your prayers have finally been answered.


More importantly the pricing details have also surfaced. The 16 GB version of the iPhone 6 will go on sale for Rs 53,500 while the bigger iPhone 6 Plus will hit the shelves for 62,500. Below is a clear-cut chart of the pricing details for the iPhone 6 in India.


iPhone 6



Memory     Price

16 GB       Rs 53,500

64 GB       Rs 62,500

128 GB      Rs 71,500


iPhone 6 Plus



Memory     Price

16 GB       Rs 62,500

64 GB       Rs 71,500

128 GB      Rs 80,500


So there you have it, those will be the official prices as per our sources. Your safer bet is clearly the iPhone 6, while the iPhone 6 Plus is indeed the more expensive one (thanks to the bigger screen) it seems to be prone to bending as well. You better make the issue pretty clear, if you are buying the 6 Plus from the store as Apple has agreed to replace warped iPhone 6 Plus units provided they pass the mechanical test and have not been bent on purpose.


Indeed Apple could not start the sales of its newest iPhones at a better time as Diwali is soon approaching. While the prices are a bit frightening iFans in India will surely be happy to know that the smartphone has made it to the country earlier this time around. Sadly though, considering the recent move by Indian brick and mortar retailers to bycott the iPhone, you will have to head to official re-sellers to purchase the same.



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