New iOS app 'Shootout' offers simplest way to share photos

New iOS app 'Shootout' offers simplest way to share photos

Washington: A new iOS app called Shootout aims to be the easiest and fastest photo sharing app.




The idea, basically, is to create an environment where people don't worry about the quality of their photos and instead treat them as 'a visual representation of the message, TechCrunch reported.


The app is designed for instant photo sharing. As one opens the app, it immediately opens the camera view along with icons of contacts using Shootout on the bottom third of the screen.


To send a photo, one simply has to tap a friend's icon, and the photo is simultaneously taken and shared. The photos can be saved in the camera roll as well, report said.


Designer Garett Peek, who was previously the designer of Draw Something, said that the app is even fewer steps than sending a text message


You can also add filters before you take the picture, and sort your contacts into groups, so you can send a photo to a bunch of friends at once.


When you're on the receiving end, the pictures show up in the app as a stack of photos that you can swipe through there's no time limit, but once you've looked at a photo, it's gone, the report added.

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