GOOD NEWS: Now you can hide blue ticks on WhatsApp!

GOOD NEWS: Now you can hide blue ticks on WhatsApp!

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New Delhi: First, Mobile Instant Messaging Service, WhatsApp introduced ‘Last Seen’ feature to hide your 'last seen' but the messenger wasn’t probably satisfied with this launching as it didn’t cause much trouble!



SO, it introduced the ‘Read Receipts’ feature (yes, the blue ticks one) where you can know that person you have messaged has read your message. This has certainly created a panic amongst many users!


But here’s a good news. Don’t panic as now you can easily disable blue ticks feature. You can go to the ‘Privacy settings’ and disable the 'Read Receipts' option. Simply turn it ‘off’. This will banish the blue ticks when you read other people’s messages.



Settings > Privacy > Disable the ‘Read Receipts’ option


With disabling this, WhatsApp will no longer display blue ticks when you have read their messages, but just as you hide your last seen,you are not able to see other people’s last seen, here too you will stop seeing blue checkmarks on other people’s chat box too! Fair deal?


P.S: You have to download the latest version of WhatsApp for enabling the privacy. The updated version is 2.11.44 (only available on WhatsApp’s site for now).


Now you can heave a sigh of relief and not worry about being ANSWERABLE to someone(If you know what we mean)!

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