Step-father arrested for torturing three-year-old


Jodhpur: The step-father of a three-year-old boy has been arrested
for brutally torturing the child, who is now in a hospital with a critical
condition, his limbs fractured and burn injuries on his face and private
parts, police said on Saturday.

The boy, Sanyam Jain, is
struggling for life at a government hospital due to the brutality of his
step-father, an alcoholic who beat him and scalded him with burning
cigarettes on his face and clawed him.

Sanyam, of Vishala village
near Sanchor in Jalore district, was Thursday admitted to the intensive
care unit of Ummed Hospital in Jodhpur, some 400 km from state capital
Jaipur. Doctors said he has also developed 'battered baby syndrome', like
two-year-old Falak who is in a Delhi hospital.

The step-father,
Kailash Jain, is a quack and runs an illegal clinic in Sanchor.

tried to flee when he came to know that a police case has been registered
against him. But he was traced in Sanchor and arrested Friday evening," a
police officer said.

During interrogation, Kailash confessed that
he was under the influence of alcohol and tortured the boy.

police have registered a case against Kailash on a complaint by his wife
Nidhi Jain.

"As per the statements of Nidhi, she married Kailash
in 2001, but the couple got separated after a few years due to frequent
family feuds," the officer said.

"Nidhi then married Padamchand
in 2007. Sanyam was born in 2010. But as Padamchand was unemployed, she
left him as well after the birth of the child," the officer added.

three months ago, Kailash lured Nidhi into returning to him. "He promised
that if she would live with him, he would give up alcohol. But after Nidhi
moved into his house, he started consuming alcohol again. He hated the boy
particularly," said the officer.

According to the woman's
statement to the police, Kailash would not give the child food and torture
him. "Kailash confined the boy in a room at his house Tuesday night and
started torturing him in inhuman ways. He put burning cigarettes on his
face and threw him on the ground, resulting in fractures to his legs and
hands. The boy fell unconscious. Despite that, Kailash clawed him at
several places," said the officer.

When Nidhi tried to intervene,
Kailash allegedly beat her up also.

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