Journalist fined Rs 1 lakh for filing frivolous plea in HC

Journalist fined Rs 1 lakh for filing frivolous plea in HC

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court Wednesday imposed a fine of Rs one lakh on a senior journalist for filing a frivolous plea alleging his late friend's daughter has been admitted to a rehabilitation centre by her family members despite being mentally stable.





A bench of justices Ravindra Bhatt and Vipin Sanghi had asked the court commissioner, appointed by it, to file its status report on a habeas corpus petition seeking directions to Hauz Khas police station to present before it the alleged victim, who has been "illegally" admitted to psychiatric centre.


Petitioner S P K Gupta sought direction to present his friend's 59-year-old daughter from the detention of her elder sister and brother.


Accordingly, the court commissioner filed a status report stating that the victim was provided "proper treatment and nothing wrong was found against her sister and brother against whom the petitioner (journalist) has levelled the harassment allegations".


The court took note of the commissioner's submissions and dismissed the plea directing the petitioner to pay Rs 50,000 each to the sister and brother of the alleged victim, for "harassing them mentally and emotionally".

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