Female Teacher has sex with 16 year old student, Video goes viral

Female Teacher has sex with 16 year old student, Video goes viral

Argentina: A 26-year-old female teacher, from Santiago del Estero, in north-central Argentina has been terminated from her job after a video got viral where she was allegedly seen having sex with one of her 16-year-old student.



According to reports, the student allegedly filmed the video of their private moments.



The boy very enthusiastically showed him and his voluptuous teacher having sex. 



It has been reported that the teacher realized that her student was filming a video but she did not protest as she “got too carried away”. Later, the boy showed the video to his schoolmates and that is how it went viral.



The woman who is an English teacher at school has not yet commented on the incident.



After the incident got very notorious, different aspects have been coming about it. It is also being questioned that has the teacher fell victim to the student’s cruel joke?



Spanish media has also reported that the adult video claiming to show teacher having sex with student is not at all as it seems. The teacher in the video is some woman from a different city.

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