December 16 gangrape victim’s father concerned for victim raped by Uber cab driver

December 16 gangrape victim’s father concerned for victim raped by Uber cab driver

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New Delhi: The 16th December rape case shook everyone to the core and forced people to come out on the streets for the victim. It also made government to stringent the laws related to rape and molestation. And now after two years of the brutal case, victim’s father feels concerned for the 27- year-old victim raped by Uber cab driver on Friday night here.

According to the father of Dec 16 gangrape victim, “The problem lies in our judicial process which is leading to these rapes again and again. Such cases need more vigilance and accountability.”

Blaming the judiciary, he says that many cases occur but are never heard nor seen.

“It is the failure in system which gives them another chance.”

Also a similar gruesome rape case of 5-year- old ‘Gudia’ that occurred on 17th July 2013, in the East Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar area was heartbreaking.

Gudia’s father who works as a daily wage labourer says there is an urgent need of fast track courts so that such cases could be solved in time. Delay in rape cases worsens the situation and families like us are left in hand to mouth situation at last.

“Death sentence is the only punishments for such criminals”, he adds.

Gudia’s father who awaits justice also believes that if these criminals are left free, even after few years of imprisonment, “they will feel urge to commit the same crime again.”

“So their execution is the solution to stop increasing rapes,” he tells ABP News.

After the death of Ram Singh in police custody, a convict in Dec 16 gangrape case, the other four adult defendants were sentenced to death.

However, the juvenile convict was sentenced to 3 years of reform facility.

Dec 16 gangrape victim’s father has now appealed in the Supreme Court to give capital punishment to the juvenile as well. However, he is seeking for the dates in the apex court.

“Rape cases should be taken up with seriousness as they remain pending in courts. They should be solved as early as possible”, he tells ABP News.

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