ONE MORE TIME: Man orders pen drive, gets an empty box, thrice

ONE MORE TIME: Man orders pen drive, gets an empty box, thrice

New Delhi: Bad experiences are unavoidable but what if they just keep happening repeatedly? What if it keeps irritating you repeatedly with no fault of yours?  The e-commerce industry is earning a lot of bad name and fame with the kind of service its delivering nowadays.


Sometimes, there is a fault in wrong delivery, sometimes, stones are sent and now, people, here is another case!


THE BIG BLUNDER: Customer orders a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and gets a piece of rock instead!


The brand new case is about a Mysore resident called Adarsh Anandan who experienced this with Flipkart. He ordered a pen drive and Flipkart sent him an empty box.


On 24 October, he placed the order but got an empty box delivered to his house. When he took up the issue with Flipkart, they assured him a monetary compensation of Rs. 55 with the product. He asked for an apology letter too but he didn’t get. The second time, his mother took the delivery as he was not at home, so they again delivered an empty box.


So, he decided to place a fresh order and this time, he decided to make a video. As many incidents have come in light, people may misjudge it as a strategy to spoil the company’s name.


The delivery person came and when the box opened, to his horror, it was again an empty box.


Now he doesn’t want any compensation but he wants them to realize their mistake and stop taking customers for granted.

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