Why is VYAPAM (Vyavasayik Pareeksha Mandal (Vyapam) or Professional Examinations Board scam turning out to be most bloody?

Why is VYAPAM (Vyavasayik Pareeksha Mandal (Vyapam) or Professional Examinations Board scam turning out to be most bloody?

Rasheed Kidwai | 05 Jul 2015 03:42 PM
There are several reasons for it. First and foremost, unlike Haryana teachers recruitment scam, Sharda scam or even fodder scam, the big fish are still at large. The arrest of 1800 persons so far consists mainly of touts, middlemen and students who allegedly paid bribes to get into professional courses and jobs through fraudulent means.  Except for a former minister in Shivraj Chouhan cabinet, most influential persons are said to be still at large, giving scope of plotting and playing havoc with the system. It has to end either by the Supreme Court directing CBI probe or Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking a series of political and administrative steps.  


In VYAPAM scam, Madhya Pradesh state governor Ram Naresh Yadav was named but instead of sacking him, union government sent an affidavit giving him protection under Article 361 (2) and  361 (3). In Bhopal, there was profound sense of dismay the day a division bench of Jabalpur High Court comprising Chief Justice A M Khanwilkar and Justice Rohit Arya set aside the FIR against 88-year-old Yadav and directed the Special Task Force (STF), the prosecuting agency not to take any "coercive action" against him.


The bench even observed, “While dealing with the primary question of extent of immunity and privilege extended to the Head of a State, during his term of office, which answers the jurisdictional fact, we proceed to quash the impugned FIR against the petitioner (Governor) on that count alone, with liberty to police to proceed in accordance with law, after the petitioner ceases to be the Governor."


Strangely and for rather inexplicit reasons , Narendra Modi government, which removed eleven governors who formerly owed allegiance to the UPA regime and sacked Kamla Beniwal and Aziz Qureshi without any remose, remains extremely kind and considerate towards Yadav.

Are there any takers for a premise that Yadav’s  alleged complicity in the forest guard recruitment exam could not be probed because it would have undermine “majesty of the office of the Governor of the State?”


Funnily, when heat was on governor, Madhya Pradesh Congress unit was demanding his exit in a hope that heat would turn on Chouhan. 


There were more dramatic events between March-May 2015. Another high court order turned the tables on the Congress which had staked its prestige in trying to nail Chouhan as the master mind behind the scam. AICC general secretary Digvijaya Singh had relied on a cyber-expert, whose services were earlier hired by the Indore police and the special task force (STF).  The court concluded that Digvijaya had produced forged documents and even recommended action against the whistle blower. Bhopal based veteran journalist  N.D. Sharma wonders how court could rely on words of some police officers and without getting the evidence examined by an outside, expert agency.


Around the same time, the Madhya Pradesh high court directed the Special Investigation Team (SIT) not to do any investigation on its own but monitor the investigation being done by the STF which directly reports to Chouhan government.


Time is running out even as more and more deaths are coming to light, all eyes are now on Supreme Court and Prime minister of India.