Why are we so obsessed with Godmen?

Why are we so obsessed with Godmen?

Nikita Kochhar | 25 Aug 2017 02:17 PM

Anyone can nominate any person for the Padma Awards. The nominations or recommendations for the awards can be received online only on the portal www.padmaawards.gov.in designed by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

As Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Ram Rahim headed towards Panchkula CBI Court from Sirsa on Friday morning, thousands of his followers flocked on the roads, with some of them spread flat, blanketing the roads for ‘darshan’ of the self proclaimed godman. The court later convicted him in a 2002 rape case, triggering widespread violence and arson by his supporters in Punjab and Haryana.

Ram Rahim, who enjoys a Z+ security, had over 100 cars in his cavalcade, which comprised of his followers and security-men.

A sight of extreme conviction could be witnessed as many ‘blind’ followers of Ram Rahim could be seen weeping and fainting as they saw their guru’s car move towards the court.

Not just pure faith, the conviction of his followers could be seen days before the D-day as the followers had turned into henchman with their silent show of issuing indirect warning against the odds which might erupt in case the verdict doesn’t come in Ram Rahim’s favour; by gathering deadly weapons like swords, petrol bombs etc.

Living in a country where the government spends crores to run campaigns in order to press people to educate their families, watching crisis ridden people desperately looking for instant and artificial salvation via a mentor, ‘guru’ or ‘babaji’ is painful.

The sight which can currently be seen in Sirsa, Panchkula and most of Haryana and Punjab show a murder of scientific temper.

As the times are modernizing, the number of self proclaimed godmen or babas as they are called by their followers, are mushrooming at an alarming rate killing the whole idea of scientific temper.
Many of these babas make their money and fame by providing ‘solutions’. While one suggests eating a samosa with a particular coloured sauce, or gol gappas (Nirmal baba), others advice to change the interior of the house, notably applying the astrological architecture of vaastushastra, or go for black magic.

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