BJP was elected to govern, not debate Taj Mahal

BJP was elected to govern, not debate Taj Mahal

Dheeraj Chandrasekhar | 18 Oct 2017 09:19 AM

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The recent controversy on Taj Mahal which was built by a Muslim ruler did not deserve the attention it drew. A monument like it which gives immense monetary returns to Uttar Pradesh Government can’t be realistically discarded and dumped. To omit it from a tourism booklet and talk ill about the creation depicts the Yogi Government in poor light and can have an adverse impact on Agra tourism.
If India has to move towards development and rapid modernisation, then the BJP should strive to work for a better future with the aim to ensure progress for all. A better infrastructure without a partisan outlook is more relevant than tunnel vision. India must stand alongside the superpowers to fulfil this dream of every Indian. India must step towards a common understanding of modernity through progress.

Power can change hands but the innate culture of Indianness cannot be set aside. There is an urgent need to endorse India’s stand among the world’s top nations. Religion is one primary way to preserve the Hindu culture. This must not be bargained by sidelining minorities and by trampling on their basic emotions. The need to attain a Hindu way of thought must not stretch too far to create discord. At the same time, to phase out the past or history through violence can be avoided.

A vindictive approach usually adopted by the ruling party will not make it look in a good light. The past invaders or rulers did misuse resources by erecting monuments and structures with a view to emphatically endorse their presence in India for centuries.

We have attained freedom due to the dedication and sacrifice of freedom fighters and, this freedom should not go in vain. India of today should emerge as a force to reckon with, as more and more Indians settling abroad have maintained the dignity of a composite culture, they still continue to do so and preserve this view of trying to be modern yet Indian in thought.

The unity of the country is much relevant now. Politics should not be pawned for Indian ideals or vice versa whereby again an alien power can invade India through the form of corporates. The country’s large-heartedness should not be mistaken for a compromise to bow down to a foreign power. A Government that can deliver without extraneous considerations and to preserve the Indian thought always is essential.

The recent debate on preserving the monuments and forts built by Mughals should be avoided; at the same time India must not be presented as relenting to foreign invasions. The blood and sweat of Hindus have gone into the making of the masterpiece and this fact also can’t be forgotten. The religion, the temples, the shrines of other religions and our ancient past is preserved till today of which we are proud of.

Our basic values of reverence and self-respect must withstand any kind of pressure that shatters the Indian unity. The oldest religion, Hinduism, and the oldest language, Sanskrit, have been cradled here. So to restrain an alien culture is as important as it is to preserve our image despite a composite culture in our country.

Logic and commonsense should be placed side by side. India must choose logic undoubtedly without prejudice but exercising commonsense for the common good is also important.

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