Datsun redi-GO: Variants Explained

Datsun redi-GO: Variants Explained

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With a starting price of Rs 2.41 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), Datsun’s most affordable offering is available in nine different variants covering two engine options and a single transmission unit

Datsun redi-GO

Datsun, the more affordable automotive arm of Nissan Motor Company, didn’t have the best of starts in India. While its first product, the GO, had super-attractive pricing and a competitive package, it didn’t really manage to capture the imagination of Indian customers. The GO+, which claimed the title of being the cheapest seven-seater in India, met with a similar fate. However, Datsun’s third product, the redi-GO, has got some good traction for the company and has now become the bread-and-butter product for the Japanese carmaker.

Datsun redi-GO

When the redi-GO went on sale in June last year, it was available in five variants. Now, however, the pocket-friendly hatch is available in nine variants covering two engine options and a 5-speed manual transmission. Prices for the redi-GO start at Rs 2.41 lakh and go up to Rs 3.75 lakh (both prices, ex-showroom Delhi). In this price range, the Datsun redi-GO competes with the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 and K10, Hyundai Eon and its close sibling, the Renault Kwid.

Before we get cracking on the redi-GO’s variant list, let’s get the standard specs out of the way.

L x W x H (mm) 3,429 x 1,560 x 1,541
Ground Clearance (mm) 185 (unladen)
Seating Capacity 5


Datsun redi-GO


Engine Specifications
Engine 0.8-litre 1.0-litre
Displacement 799cc 999cc
Max. Power 54PS 68PS
Max. Torque 72Nm 91Nm
Claimed Fuel Efficiency 22.7kmpl 22.5kmpl

Colour options available for standard car: Silver, Grey, Ruby, Lime and White.

While the redi-GO Sport is available in Grey, Ruby and White, the redi-GO Gold can be had in Silver, Grey or White.

Variant: D

Price: Rs 2.41 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi)

Datsun redi-GO

The entry-level variant comes only with the 0.8-litre engine. Here are some of the features that you get for your money:

Heater and Ventilator Multi-Information Display Seats with standard fabric upholstery Headlamps leveler
Black central hub caps on wheels Fixed rear seats Integrated headrests for front and rear seats Remote fuel lid opener
Shift up indicator Rear door child safety lock Remote tailgate opener

As you’d expect, the base variant misses out on quite a lot. But then, at this price tag, you’d have to make some compromises. Amongst several missing features, the main ones are air conditioning, music system, passenger side ORVM, accessory socket, power steering and body-coloured bumpers and door handles. This variant is for those who have an extremely tight budget and want a car that looks quirky and stands out from the crowd. 

Variant: A

Price: Rs 3.03 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi)

Approx price premium above D: Rs 62,000

Datsun redi-GO

Like the base-spec variant, the ‘A’ is offered only with the smaller engine. But what extra do you get for the money? Here are some of the main features that the ‘A’ variant gets over the ‘D’:

Body coloured bumpers Passenger side ORVM Silver central hub caps on wheels Passenger side sun visor
Glove box with lid Premium fabric for seat upholstery Foldable rear seats Power steering
Air conditioner Tachometer Accessory socket Engine immobilizer

In this spec, the redi-GO comes out a more complete car. Sure, there is no music system here and you still don’t get wheel covers. But, the basics are covered. You get an air conditioner and a power steering, both of which are significant in a country like ours with extreme climatic conditions and jam-packed city roads. The premium over the base spec is justified and if you have decided on the redi-GO but are on a budget, skip the D and get the A.

Variant: T

Price: Rs 3.24 lakh

Approx price premium above A: Rs 21,000

Datsun redi-GO

Unfortunately, even with the ‘T’ variant, the only engine option available is the 0.8-litre. But where does your money go and what all does this variant offer above the ‘A’? Here’s the main list of features:

Body coloured door handles Full wheel covers Front two speakers Remote key
Central locking Mobile docking station Silver accents on steering wheel and AC vents Piano black inserts on center cluster

Apart from the convenience that the remote key and the central locking mechanism brings, nearly everything else is a fascia upgrade. The premium of Rs 21,000 is a bit steep for our liking and we’d recommend that you stick with the ‘A’ variant and get everything else done from an aftermarket shop. It will be cheaper to get the keyless entry and central locking done, and the rest of the amount (if Rs 21,000 is considered to be the limit) can be spent on a decent music system.

Variant: T(O)

Datsun redi-GO

In this variant, the redi-GO can be had either with a 0.8-litre engine or with the more powerful 1.0-litre mill.

Variant Price (ex-showroom Delhi) Approx price premium over T
T(O) - 0.8-litre Rs 3.34 lakh Rs 10,000
T(O) - 1.0-litre Rs 3.57 lakh Rs 33,000

The Rs 23,000 difference between the two T(O) variants is only because of the larger engine in the dearer one. So, if you opt for the T(O) variant with the smaller engine, the premium of Rs 10,000 is settled against three additional features - radio antenna, power window switch and a music system with CD/Radio/USB/AUX. But, if you can spend an extra Rs 23,000, you get a more powerful engine.

Our recommendation would be to opt for the more powerful version of the duo. While the fuel efficiency figure comes down by a mere 0.2kmpl only, the extra oomph will make your life easier in city driving conditions. The extra 14PS/19Nm may not sound big on paper but will come in handy, especially during overtaking manoeuvres.

Variant: S

Datsun redi-GO

Like the T(O), the ‘S’ variant is available with both engine options. On paper, it is the range-topper but there are a few variants which have a price tag higher than the S. Let’s see what extra you pay for this one.

Variant Price (ex-showroom Delhi) Approx price premium over T(O)
S - 0.8-litre Rs 3.49 lakh Rs 15,000 (Over T(O) - 0.8-litre)
S - 1.0-litre Rs 3.72 lakh Rs 15,000 (Over T(O) - 1.0-litre)

For that extra amount, Datsun will fit daytime running lights (DRLs) and an airbag for the driver. While DRLs help enhance the outlook of the car a bit, it is the added safety that makes this variant ideal for those who drive alone most of the time. For anyone who is buying his/her first car and can spend around Rs 4 lakh on the redi-GO, the S (with 1.0-litre engine) is the perfect fit. But if you want a redi-GO which has more pizzazz going for it, read on.

Variant: Sport

Price: Rs 3.64 lakh

Approx price premium over S (0.8-litre): Rs 15,000

Datsun redi-GO Sport

Why, you may ask, did we compare the price of the Sport variant with only the 0.8-litre version of the ‘S’ variant? Well, the redi-GO Sport is offered only with the smaller of the two engines and gets some cosmetic upgrades over and above the ‘S’ variant. Here they are:

Bluetooth enabled music system Red accents on steering wheel and AC vents All-black interior upholstery
Black seat covers with red accents Stylish roof spoiler Black wheel covers with red highlights
Black decals on hood, roof and doors Black honeycomb grille Rear parking sensors
Dual tone front and rear bumpers

Datsun said that the Sport will be a limited edition. But how limited is its production is not clear. If you want the redi-GO with a sporty outlook, the Sport makes more sense. However, we do believe that the smaller engine in its recipe acts like a chink in its armour. Compared to the ‘S’ variant (with the 1.0-litre engine), the Sport is Rs 8,000 less expensive. At the end of the day, if style matters more to you than power, the Sport is for you. But what if you want something which is special to behold but has less of the black treatment in its recipe? That’s where the most expensive variant of the redi-GO comes into play.

Variant: Gold

Price: Rs 3.75 lakh

Approx price premium over S (1.0-litre): Rs 3,000

Yes, you guessed it right. The Gold edition is only available with the 1.0-litre engine and that’s why we have compared its price with that of the S - 1.0-litre. The price difference is almost negligible but instead of the standard exteriors, you get dual-tone decals on the hood, roof and doors, black honeycomb grille with a golden accent, wheel covers with a golden highlight, all-black interiors with black and gold seat covers and a golden accent on the centre console. Datsun also offers an ambient mood lighting inside the car, which can be controlled via a dedicated mobile application.

Datsun redi-GO Gold

If you like your things to be shiny and glittery and want people to notice them from the outset, look no further than the Gold edition. But if you want to gel in and play smart, we’d recommend you stick with the top-spec ‘S’ variant with the larger engine and get the additional stuff like a Bluetooth-enabled stereo and parking sensors fitted from an aftermarket shop.

You might think that you are getting additional stuff with the Sport and Gold editions. And you’re right. But when the time comes to bid goodbye to your redi-GO, the ‘look-at-me’ nature of both these editions might not floor everyone and may make that reselling procedure a painful one.

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